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Russian mat in English
Категория: Разное | Запостил: Dryucheke| 4 декабря 2007 |

[edit] Khuy

* khernya (херня́) or khuynya (хуйня́) - "rubbish, nonsense"; нести хуйню (или херню) - to speak rubbish. Khuynya is "stronger" and more offensive than khernya, which is also true for other derivatives of khuy and kher.
* khui'lo (хуи́ло), alt. khuylo'(хуйло́) – 1) male person to whom the speaker has some negative feelings; 2) some male person (i.e., stranger). Its predecessor, "khuy," is often used in the same meaning.

Что за хуйло там шляется? - Who's this moron hanging around there?
Себя от холода страхуя/В трактир вошли четыре хуя... - To guard (lit. strakhuya) themselves from the cold/Four guys (lit. khuya) entered the pub...

* khuyovyi (хуёвый) or kherovyi (херо́вый) - bad, shitty.
* khuyovina(хуёвина), pizdyulina(пиздю́лина), poyeben’(поебе́нь) - a thing the name of which one either doesn't know or doesn't think worth specifying.

Note: pizdyulina usually refers to smaller objects. Poyeben’ is an uncountable noun, and has a scornful connotation.

* okhuyennyi (охуе́нный) or okhuyitelnyi (охуи́тельный), or opizdenitel'nyi (опиздени́тельный) - enormous. Possibly derived from okhuyet’/opizdenet’ (to have gone mad), these words also convey a feeling of surprise or awe and are sometimes used to mean "great," "awesome," "magnificent."”
* okhuyet’ (охуе́ть) or euph. ofiget ' (офиге́ть) - to go out of one's mind (go crazy), with the derived meanings like 1. to be very surprised, 2. to be cheeky. 3. to go insane.

Example 1: Я слушал его и тихо охуевал - I was listening to him, hiding my great anxiety (lit. “quietly ohuyeval”).
Example 2: Босс совсем охуел: зажал ползарплаты за два опоздания - My boss has gone totally insolent: he took half of my salary for being late only twice.

* pokhui, pokhuiu (по́хуй, похую) — adverb: "no matter," "unaffected," "unconcerned." Ему всё похуй — "He cares about nothing" or "He is unshakable." A derivative of this is pokhuism (похуи́зм) — "nonchalance" (as an -ism, a permanent attitude).

[edit] Pizda

* pizdatyi (пизда́тый) - good.
* pizdets (пизде́ц) or euph. kapets (капе́ц), cf. Germ. kaputt, is usually used to describe a particularly sad state of affairs, when there is no way to improve things or when someone is in (for) big trouble. There is also derivative term of same root, "nakri'tsya pisdo'i" (накры́ться пиздо́й) which means some object to be in state of pizdets ("fucked up").

Моей машине пиздец. = Моя машина пиздой накрылась . — "My car is FUBAR."
На улице пиздец как холодно. — "It is murderously cold outside."
Там пиздец что творилось! — Some dramatic things went on there.

* pizdit’ (пи́здить) - "to beat up" or "to steal", means a continuous action.
* pizdet’ (пизде́ть) - "to talk a lot", to talk (but not to lie).

Мужики, хватит пиздеть! - "Hey guys, stop talking!"

* pizdit’ (пизди́ть) - "to tell a lie" or "to chat"; note that conjugated forms are very similar to pizdet' but with a different articulation (пизди́ть))
o pizdyuli (пиздюли́) (plural, countable) — abstractly, "beatings,"

* pizdovat’ (пиздова́ть) — "to go," usually away. Very commonly used in the imperative form пизду́й (pizdui, "move out!"). Sometimes is used as "to walk" (as the means of transportation).

Пиздуй нахуй! — Litteraly "Cunted on cock," meaning "Go to hell!", "Screw you!".
Водилы решили бастовать, пришлось пешком нам пиздовать! - "The drivers decided to go on strike, so we had to take a hike!"

* raspizd'ái (распиздя́й) or euph. razgil'd'ái (разгильдя́й) — "a reckless person"
o raspizd'áistvo (распиздя́йство) - "reckless way of life."

* pizdapider (пиздапидop) - "homosexual vagina." Used typically when on a rant, and while joining multiple mat sayings together.
* zlopidar (Злопидар) - "Evil homosexual" Used when you are Angry to other people.

[edit] Yebat'

* dolboyob' (долбоё́б) — "dumbass", "idiot"
* nayebat' (наеба́ть) — "to cheat"
o nayobka (наё́бка) / nayob (наё́б) — "tool for cheating","act of cheating".
* poyebat’ (поеба́ть) — verb: "to fuck for a while"; adverb or interjection: same as pokhui
* proyebat' (проеба́ть)- "to lose something due to lack of consideration"; "to miss/skip (school,work)"; "to lose in a game or contest"

Где моё кольцо? Кажись проебал... — "Where is my ring? Seems that I've lost it...."
Вчера у сестры свадьба была: пришлось уроки проёбывать. — "My sister had her wedding yesterday, I had to skip my lessons because of it."
Ёб твою мать! Наша сборная опять проебала! — "Shit! Our national team has lost once again!"

* syebat’sia (съеба́ться)- "to leave a dangerous place quickly," "to escape," "to clear out," "to scram."
* viyebat' (выебать) - (referring to a woman) "to successfully fuck" means a completed action of fucking someone, derivative meaning - to punish, harass or haze someone regardless of gender (ranging from valid verbal warning on someone's misconduct to brutal hazing)
* yebalo (еба́ло) - "face", rarely "mouth"
* yobnut’ (ёбнуть) or yebanut’ (ебану́ть) - "to hit", with derivative meanings "to take a drink (e.g., of vodka)". Always means a single-time action - a single hit or a single drink from the cup.

NB: The verbs yobnut' and yebanut' are different: "stakan youbnulsya" means "the glass (a vessel) has fallen down" but "stakan yebanulsya" means "the glass has been broken".

* yobnut'sya (ёбнуться) - (referring to a human) "to fall (over)", "slip up", or "stumble"; "to get hit (against smth)"; "to go mad". For the verbs "to fall" or "to slip up" you can also use nayebnut'sya (наебну́ться).
* zaebat' (заеба́ть) — to harass someone to critical point (lit. meaning is "fuck to the death").
* zayebis' (заеби́сь) — adverb, meaning state of satisfaction with something (rough equivalent of "fine", "OK", etc.).

Как дела? Спасибо, всё заебись. – "How are you? Thanks, everything is fine".

* otyebis' (отъеби́сь) — "fuck off", imperative verb intended somebody to go out, stop conversation.
* doyòbivatsya (доёбываться) — "to offend", "to anger". For instance, to keep asking same question over and over again.

[edit] Common phrases

* yob tvoyu mat' (ёб твою́ мать) — literally "fucked your mother", of a wide usage spectrum, from "oh no" or "shit!" to "you fucking bastard!" Originates in the expression "dog fucked your mother".
* ni khuya sebe (ни хуя́ себе́) — exclamation of surprise (literally "no dick for myself") meaning "what a surprise," "wow!"
* ebat' menya v rot! (еба́ть меня в рот!) — basically "I'll be fucked in the mouth!", an expression meant to convey the truthfulness of the speaker's previous statement. "I'll be fucked in the mouth if this isn't true."
* ebat'-kopat' (еба́ть-копа́ть) — Untranslatable expression (lit. "fuck and dig"), an exclamation roughly equivalent to "Oh Fuck!", or "Fuck it!". Can mean surprise or/and confusion.

Possible variations include: ebat'-kolotit' ("еба́ть-колоти́ть") or etit'-kolotit' ("ети́ть-колоти́ть") - lit. "fuck and hit"), .

* khuy tebe v rot! (хуй тебе́ в рот!) — literally "a dick to your mouth" means "you'll get nothing (from me)" (this sounds extremely offensive). Word "tebe" (to you) may be substituted with "emu" (ему́, "to him"), "ei" (ей, "to her"), "im" (им, "to them") or other object case pronouns – when discussing some third person.

– Ива́н хо́чет, что́бы мы ему́ маши́ну почини́ть помогли́. ("Ivan wants us to help him to repair his car.")
– Хуй ему в рот, а не помо́чь! Он ведь да́же не проста́вился, когда́ её купи́л! ("A dick to his face, not the help! He didn't even hold a party when he bought it!")

Possible variations include: khuy tebe v zhopu! (хуй тебе́ в жопу!) - literally "a dick in your asshole/get butt-fucked"; khuy tebe po vsey rozhe! (хуй тебе по всей роже!) — literally "a dick all over your face."

* zatkni yebalo! (заткни́ еба́ло!) — means "shut up!", "shut your face!"
* khuy(kher) s nim(ney,nimi)! (хуй(хер) с ним(ней,ними)!) — literally "prick with him (or her, them)!" means "don't be so concerned about him (her, it, them)!" or "I no longer care about him (her, it, them)."
* (da) poshol(poshla, idite) na khuy! ((да) пошёл(пошла́, иди́те) на хуй!) — literally "go on a dick" meaning "fuck off" or "forget it!" (very offensive). If a name or a pronoun is added, this expression is sometimes very close in meaning to khuy(kher) s nim(ney,nimi)!
* idi na huy (иди на́ хуй) — literally "go to dick," is used as an equivalent of "fuck off" or "go fuck yourself."
* s khuya li? (с хуя́ ли?) — an equivalent of "why?"
* na khuya? (на хуя́?) — an equivalent of "what for?"

[edit] Rhymed retort

Most interrogative words and utterances have standard rhymed retorts, basically meaningless, simply as an expression of derision in a crudely humorous way. Examples of dialogs:

- Ivan! (calling Ivan) - A? ("Eh?") - Khuy na! (Take penis!)

- Cho? (Wha'?) - Khuy cherez plecho! (Penis over the shoulder!)

- Kak? (How?) - Khuyem ob kosyak! (Hit the door frame with the penis!)

- Nu? (So what?) - Khuy gnu! (I am bending the penis!)

[edit] Famous usage

Kirkorov's press conference

Russian pop-star Philip Kirkorov had the following exchange with Ms Aroyan, a correspondent, at his press conference that was held in Rostov on Don on May 20, 2004:

KIRKOROV: I am irritated by your pink blouse, your tits and your microphone… To me… to me it is pokhuyu (i. e., of no matter) what you will write about me. I do not like unprofessionals. Unprofessionals have no place here.
AROYAN: You should learn to behave yourself, “zvezda” ("star").
KIRKOROV: Yes, yes... pizda! (rhymes with zvezda).

Russian text of this exchange:

— (1) Ф. Киркоров: Меня раздражают Ваша розовая кофточка, Ваши сиськи и Ваш микрофон.
— (2) Ф. Киркоров: А? Да мне… да мне по хую, как Вы напишете… Так же, как и Вы… Я не люблю непрофессионалов! Непрофессионалам тут делать нечего!
— (3) И. Ароян (презрительно): А вы научитесь себя вести. "Звезда".
Ф. Киркоров (рифмуя): Да… Пизда!

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