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Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Категория: Разное | Запостил: Hawk| 22 декабря 2008 |
Завершаем серию фотографии из трех частей. Первая и вторая тут.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama waves to the crowd at a rally in the rain at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va. Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A general view shows a "solucar" solar park in Sanlucar La Mayor, near Seville, Spain on November 6, 2008. The solar thermal power plant uses mirrors to concentrate the sun's rays onto the top of a 100 meter (300 foot) tower where it produces steam to drive a turbine, producing electricity.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Astronaut Karen Nyberg, STS-124 mission specialist, looks through a window in the newly installed Kibo laboratory of the International Space Station while Space Shuttle Discovery is docked with the station on June 10th, 2008

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
In this March 11, 2008 photo, a boy plays soccer at La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A Kosovo Albanian man in the Kosovo town of Stimlje, south of the capital Pristina, tries to rescue his horse after it veered off the road and fell into a river March 26, 2008

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Staff stand in a meeting room at the Lehman Brothers offices in the financial district of Canary Wharf in London September 11, 2008. Lehman Brothers eventually filed for bankruptcy - the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history - and was delisted from the NYSE, and later liquidated

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A U.S. Marine with a ground combat element assigned to Delta Company, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Task Force Mechanized, Multi-National Force - West walks through the Hatra Ruins in the Jazeerah Desert in Iraq on July 20, 2008. The task force is conducting disruption operations in the area to deny the enemy sanctuary and prevent foreign fighters from accessing the area.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
young sapphire miner holds on tight to a rope as he is lowered into a deep hole in the ground in a field in Anzanakaro near Ilakaka, Madagascar on September 14, 2008. Local miners and many of their family members work deep narrow holes where they scrape gravel and sand in search of sapphires.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama (lower right) waves as he arrives at a rally of 100,000 supporters in St. Louis, Mo., Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
In this April 30, 2008 photo, a young Iraqi boy poses for a photo after graduating from kindergarten in Baghdad, Iraq.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Most of the homes in the Oakridge mobile home park, which reportedly had 600-800 homes, lie in ruins after burning in the Sylmar Fire on November 15, 2008 in Sylmar, California. The fire began last night and was fueled to more than 2,600 acres by strong erratic winds in excess of 70 miles per hour which kept firefighting aircraft grounded in the morning.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Mateja Robnik of Slovenia negotiates a track of the women's giant slalom FIS World Cup event in Maribor, Slovenia January 12, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A military helicopter transporting soldiers and engineers prepares to land near the Tangjiashan quake lake area at earthquake-hit Beichuan, Sichuan province, China on May 27, 2008. China had evacuated more than 150,000 people living below a swollen lake formed by this month's devastating earthquake amid fears it could burst and trigger massive flooding, state media said on Wednesday.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
21-year-old Ajmal Kasab, one of ten terrorists who attacked Mumbai, India on November 26th, 2008 walks through the Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminal railway station, carrying weapons and duffel bags of ammunition. Kasab and his cohorts - all from Pakistan - killed over 170 people over the course of three days, until all except Kasab were killed by Indian forces.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A competitor dives from the 14 meter-high bridge over Drina river during annual high diving competition in Bosnian town of Visegrad July 12, 2008

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Men are caught in a dust storm while playing cricket at a playground in Kabul, Afghanistan on March 31, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Internally Displaced People leave Kibati heading north from the city to their villages, Kibumba and Rugari, north of the provincial capital of Goma, Congo, on November 2, 2008. Several thousand people displaced in the fighting between rebels and government troops in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo began returning home Sunday as a ceasefire held, an AFP correspondent on the scene reported.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
An earthquake survivor tries to figure out where his home used to be at the Donghekou Earthquake Relics Park, which covers one town and five villages including Donghekou Village, on November 11, 2008 in Qingchuan County of Sichuan Province, China. The park, which is the first memorial site after the massive Wenchuan Earthquake, was opened to the public on November 12, 2008

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Casey Stoner of Australia and the Ducati Team in action on a wet track, during a practice run for the Australian MotoGP at the Phillip Island Circuit on October 3, 2008 in Phillip Island, Australia.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A young man with an arrow in his head arrives at hospital following ethnic clashes in the town of Nakuru in the Rift Valley area January 26, 2008. Kenyans in the Rift Valley town of Nakuru feared more violence on Saturday after a disputed election triggered pitched battles between ethnic gangs that killed at least a dozen people.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A man's hand drips blood as he stands in front of riot policemen during a demonstration in Athens, part of a days-long series of demonstrations throughout Greece on December 9, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Republican presidential candidate John McCain makes his acceptance speech during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Duncan Zuur of the Netherlands rides a wakeboard across flooded Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy as the recent "acqua alta" (high water) reached a depth of 1.56 meters (5 ft, 1 in.) on December 2, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Soldiers maintain order amongst stranded passengers outside a railway station in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, February 3, 2008. A stampede at Guangzhou railway station killed one person when frustrated passengers rushed to board trains after days of cancellations because of fierce cold and snow, police confirmed on Sunday.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
An indigenous woman holds her child while trying to resist the advance of Amazonas state policemen who were expelling the woman and some 200 other members of the Landless Movement from a privately-owned tract of land on the outskirts of Manaus, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon March 11, 2008. The landless peasants tried in vain to resist the eviction with bows and arrows against police using tear gas and trained dogs, and were evicted from the land.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A firefighting airplane drops water on the burning Turkish ship Undadriyatik in the waters near town of Rovinj, Croatia in the northern Adriatic Sea on Feb. 6, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A U.S. Army helicopter gunner, his helmet face painted as a skull, awaits soldiers to board his Chinook transport helicopter October 30, 2008 for transport out of the Korengal Valley of eastern Afghanistan. Taliban insurgents had attacked a nearby U.S. Army outpost, and the Americans responded with machine guns, mortars and helicopter gunships.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Thousands of black clad Israeli Orthodox Jews attend the funeral of Arieh Levish Teitelbaum, one of the Israeli victims of the Mumbai attacks, on December 2, 2008 in Jerusalem. Wailing and chanting psalms, thousands of people bid a final farewell today to the six Jews killed in last week's bloody Mumbai attacks and whose bodies were flown to Israel for burial.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Pakistani men try to rescue a donkey buried during an earthquake in Ziarat, about 130 kilometers (81 miles) south of Quetta, Pakistan on October 30th, 2008. Rescue workers searched through the rubble of villages destroyed by a powerful earthquake in southwestern Pakistan that killed at least 215 people.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
The Chinese Shenzhou-7 manned spaceship, the Long-March II-F rocket and the escape tower are transferred to the launch pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Gansu province, China on September 20, 2008. Taikonaut Zhai Zhigang performed China's first-ever spacewalk on the successful mission.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
An Indian policeman holds a shield against stone-throwing Kashmiri Muslim protesters in Srinagar September 9, 2008. More than two dozen people including 10 policemen were injured in Kashmir on Tuesday when police clashed with hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrators in fresh protests against Indian rule in the area.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
People drop lines in holes on a frozen river at an event to fish trout in Hwacheon, South Korea, about 20 km (12 miles) south of the demilitarised zone separating two Koreas, northeast of Seoul January 13, 2008. More than 1,000,000 people attend at the annual ice festival which lasts for three weeks in January.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A patient with advanced pulmonary TB in a tuberculosis hospital in Mumbai, India receives a daily injection as well as oxygen. Photojournalist James Nachtwey brought us (through photography) a story this year of a new, dangerous type of tuberculosis called Extreme Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, or XDR-TB. Tuberculosis is both preventable and curable, but inadequate treatment has been driving the emergence of XDR-TB, especially in developing nations. For more information about XDR-TB, please visit xdrtb.org

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Images of books on shelves are seen projected on the walls of the Tower of David in Jerusalem's Old City - part of a show called "Or Shalem, Jerusalem Lights the Night", staged by a group called Skertzт on October 7, 2008. The Tower of David is a massive citadel that, over the centuries, has served as a fortress, military barracks and cannon position. These days, the Tower serves as a popular tourist site.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
Austrian pilot Hannes Arch flies during the Red Bull Air Race World Series, with the Hungarian Parliament Building in the background, in Budapest, Hungary on August 20, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
The moon and stars light up Mount Everest, also known as Qomolangma, as seen from near Everest Base Camp in the Tibet Autonomous Region April 29, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
U.S. President George W. Bush walks back to the Oval Office after making remarks at the White House in Washington March 13, 2008.

Истории 2008 года в фотографиях (часть 3)
A spectator raises her fist in celebration seconds after it was announced that Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008.

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1. zlodey (22 декабря 2008 04:04)

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Ну а где же самое яркое событие, победа сборной России над Нидерландами??? Да и коллайдера чёт не видна =\

2. Comaksat (22 декабря 2008 22:39)

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Войны не меняются..........меняются солдаты.....
3. zShamanz (22 декабря 2008 23:09)

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Так им млять и надо (я про палестинцев). Уёбки, нех обстреливать мирное население! А Евреи молодцы, долго сопли жевать не стали, РАЗ и готово. am

Если вас грызёт совесть - выбейте ей зубы и пусть она вас нежно обсасывает!
4. Сухарь (23 декабря 2008 01:42)

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здесь хоть подписи оставили. а на фишках нету.
5. Terminator (23 декабря 2008 02:11)

AlmaTy City
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